Main researchers

Gunhild Odden

Project leader

Gunhild Odden is director at Centre for Intercultural Communication (SIK) in Stavanger and Associate Professor at VID Specialized University. She holds PhD (2010) in Sociology and a Master's degree in International Migration and Interethnic Relations from the University of Poitiers (France). Gunhild’s research interest includes a variety of topics related to migration and diversity. Her PhD dealt with migration and mobility in Spain. More recently she has been working with themes related to Polish migration, migration and family life and migration and education in Norway.

Pieter Bevelander


Pieter Bevelander is Professor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) at Malmö Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare. His main research field is International migration and different aspects of immigrant integration. He has a doctorate in Economic History and wrote his thesis (2000) on the employment integration of immigrants in Sweden in the period 1970–1995.

Kathy Burrell


Kathy Burrell is a Senior Lecturer in Social & Cultural Geography at the University of Liverpool. Her research interests lie in the intersections between migration, mobilities, place, material culture and memory. These interests have led to different projects on aspects of Polish migration to the UK and the transnational practices of Polish migrants, the life histories and memories of different migrants, as well as research on ‘churn’, conviviality and neighbourliness within the UK city of Leicester.

Nils Olav Østrem


Nils Olav Østrem is a Professor in Migration History at the University of Stavanger. His PhD (2002) dealt with the balancing perspective of structural and individual reasons for emigrants motives and was based on empirical data such as life course histories, pictures and court material. From 2011 to 2015, Nils Olav was the Director of the European Master in International Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) at UiS. He is currently involved in several projects dealing with local migration history and leads the research group “Migration” at UiS and VID.

Oleksandr Ryndyk

PhD candidate

Oleksandr Ryndyk is a PhD candidate in the project. Oleksandr holds a master's degree in International Economics from Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Ukraine (2010) as well as a European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relations (EMMIR) from the University of Oldenburg (Germany) and University of Stavanger (Norway). His main research interests are international labor migration, welfare, immigrant integration and intercultural communication. In the past 4 years he has been involved in several research projects focusing on the Polish labor and family immigration to Norway. He has conducted ca. 60 interviews with people of Polish background in Norway and therefore has a solid knowledge of this immigrant group.

Hugrun Osk Gudjonsdottir

Research assistant

Hugrun Osk Gudjonsdottir holds a master degree in Cultural Management from Bifrost University in Iceland. She has additionally a bachelor degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Iceland. She has been working at SIK since January 2016 and has been involved in different projects dealing with migration and diversity in general, and Polish migration in particular.

Other involved researchers and students

Aleksandra Sevic


Aleksandra has a Master's degree in Psychology from the University in Novi Sad, Serbia (2008), and a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology from the University in East Sarajevo, Bosnia (2016). Aleksandra has worked as a teaching assistent at the Singidunum University in Belgrade (Serbia) and as an organizational and a school psychologist in Bosnia. Aleksandra moved to Norway in 2013 and speaks English, Spanish and Norwegian. She is currently at SIK as a research intern.

Mateus Schweyher

MA student

Mateus Schweyher grew up in Germany and studied a bachelor degree of International Disaster Relief at Akkon University in Berlin. Currently he is studying for a Master degree in Migration and Intercultural Relations at Stavanger University in Norway and Oldenburg University in Germany. Mateus Schweyher grew up in a Polish speaking family and has lived in different Nordic countries for several years. During his internship at SIK, taking place from August 01 to September 23 2016, he will be part of the current FAMAC project, working on a literature research about the situation of migrants from Poland in the UK.

Frida Johansson

MA student

Frida Johansson is a student in the Erasmus Mundus programme "European Master in Migration and Intercultural Relation" (EMMIR). Having previously completed a Bachelor degree in Politics at the University of Dundee in Scotland, she is interested in the political as well as the economic causes and conditions of migration. At SIK she will contribute to the desk research phase of the FAMAC project.